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Accurate, Easy Navigation With A TomTom Sat-Nav

tom tom sat nav

Every driver needs a form of navigation to help them get around on the roads, and with the busy lives we live today many people just don’t have the time for a paper road map.

This is where Drive Safe & Legal comes in – providing you with the ability to get an easy to use, accurate TomTom Start 50 sat-nav system at an affordable price. Find out all about our Sat-Navs and see how they could make your driving more relaxed and enjoyable.

Why Choose Us For Your In-Car Sat-Nav?

Our in car sat-nav systems are redesigned with the latest navigation technology, making it easy to plan your route accurately every single time. Within the TomTom 50 Start sat-nav, available at Drive Safe & Legal, are a number of great features including Quick Search, Re-Routing and a brilliant layout.

With the Quick Search function drivers can easily find their desired location at little more than a tap of the screen. With this simple, fast and safe searching you can disregard the frustrating road maps and be directed straight to your desired location. Our Dynamic Re-Routing feature guides the sat-nav to change the directed route if you miss a turn, meaning you needn’t stress about making a wrong move. The Re-Routing feature also constantly checks on latest traffic news and re-directs you accordingly to avoid any long queues and save you as much time as possible.

Our brilliant TomTom Start 50 satellite navigation system has an easy-to-understand revamped layout and navigation bar, making it easy for drivers to see important navigation information at just a quick glance. With our TomTom Start 50, every journey is made more leisurely.

When you order a sat-nav from Drive Safe & Legal, you'll receive an EasyPort mount and an in-car USB charger and wire absolutely free of charge.

Order Your Satellite Navigation System Today From Drive Safe & Legal

If you are looking for a way to make your everyday driving a bit more relaxed, or you want to remove the stress from long journeys to new places, there’s no better way to do so than with a high quality sat nav from Drive Safe & Legal.

Find out more about our satellite navigation systems today, or contact us with any questions on 01905 677555.




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