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Brodit holder for SumUP Air card reader

SumUP Air

The SumUp AIR compact card reader is light, fast and can take card payments anytime, anywhere — accepting credit, debit and contactless payments using a Bluetooth connection to any iOS or Android device. 

The portable payment system is perfect for in-person purchases for a taxi driver, delivery driver and food trucks by making completing transactions seamless wherever your business may take you. An affordable option with simple management features will track sales, tips and even create personal revenue tax reports. Every payment option is compatible with SumUP Air, such as contactless, Chip PIN, Google Pay, Apple Pay and you can instantly share receipts digitally via SMS, email or connect to a mobile printer. 

Brodit has a customised holder for the SumUp AIR card reader to keep the device securely in place and battery fully charged (if using the active holder) and always within reach. Neat, discreet, convenient and made of high-grade black ABS/Acetal plastic so the holder is durable and built to last the trials of a busy demanding working day. 

The Active holder with USB-cable cig-plug adapter (item #721198) model charges the SumUp Air card reader whilst in the holder and lets you choose to connect either to the vehicle's USB outlet or the 12/24V socket. The cig-plug adapter also has two USB ports: QC 3.0A + 2.4A. Other available holder models are the Passive holder with tilt swivel (item #711198 non-charging) and Active holder for fixed installation (item #727198).

Equipped with a tilt swivel, you can easily adjust the angle of the card reader — tilting 17° and swivels 360°. The mounting plate is 42 x 50 mm with 4 mm AMPS-holes that you can attach onto a Brodit ProClip mounting platform or a Pedestal mount in your vehicle.

The Brodit SumUp AIR card reader customised holder is the perfect device holder for a busy taxi driver or delivery person to ensure they have a reliable, durable and easy-to-use piece of equipment to help make completing a transaction more efficient.

Available for order:

  • Passive holder with tilt swivel for SumUp AIR item #711198
  • Active holder with cig-plug for SumUp AIR item #721198
  • Active holder for fixed installation for SumUp AIR item #727198  



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