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Discover Simple Affordable Rear Seat Entertainment Solutions

Sometimes, long journeys can be a bit of a chore for everyone involved. There’s only so much that can be done to stay occupied while sitting in a car, which can lead to passengers distracting the drive and this certainly isn’t the ideal scenario.

At Drive Safe & Legal we have simple, affordable rear seat entertainment solutions available which have been designed to make journeys more interesting for passengers, and distraction-free for drivers. 

An Effective, Affordable Solution

When you think about rear seat entertainment products for your car, the idea of unrealistic costs and built in TV entertainment units might spring to mind. But this isn’t the case, there’s a much easier and more affordable way to keep passengers of all ages occupied during long car journeys; the Brodit headrest mount.

How Does It Work

The Brodit headrest mount connects securely onto the headrest posts of the front seats using a simple screw mechanism, creating a sturdy flat plate suitable for attaching a Brodit tablet or mobile device mount. This headrest mount allows you to secure your device in place, creating an instant, simple and effective TV/entertainment system for passengers in the rear seats of the vehicle.

The Brodit headrest mount doesn’t require any modification to your vehicle at all and it can be removed in seconds, just as easily as it’s installed.

Order Your Rear Seat Entertainment Products Today

The Brodit headrest mount is an extremely simplistic solution to your rear seat entertainment problems. With this simple piece of equipment, passengers needn’t worry about boredom on long journeys anymore. Order your rear seat Brodit headrest mount today from Drive Safe & Legal.


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