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Drive Safely Into 2018 With A Range Of Products From Drive Safe & Legal

Road safety is a crucial thing. We all know the importance of remaining concentrated at all times when we’re on the roads, and you can never be too safe.

At Drive Safe & Legal, road safety is our focus. We supply a variety of different road safety products including mobile device holders, dash cams and Sat-Navs, as well as in-car entertainment accessories like DAB radio adaptors and rear seat entertainment products. All of our products are designed to improve safety on the road or offer convenience and entertainment for drivers without causing dangerous distractions.

Our Products

We have a variety of products available on our site offering a range of different uses from Bluetooth music streaming to video evidence capture in the event of a collision. Find a brief overview of our products below.

In-Car Sat-Nav Systems

We supply satellite navigation systems from reputable brand TomTom. These in-car sat navs will help you on your way when heading out on long journeys to places you’ve never been before.

Find out more about our in-car sat nav systems.

Universal Holders

Universal device holders can be adjusted to accommodate snugly for your device and remove the need to buy dedicated device-specific products that will eventually most likely need replacing. Our universal holders are available in small (35-65mm) and large (55-85mm) options, from a multitude of brands including Herbert Richter, Brodit and Panavise.

Find out more about our universal holders.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are useful in-car accessories that can help you out by providing you with evidence in the event of an accident that wasn’t your fault. The video evidence can be vital toward working out what happened, and can help to prevent a standoff scenario between the parties involved. Drive Safe & Legal stocks popular Philips dash cams that capture the highest quality video.   

Find out more about our Philips dash cams.

Rear Seat Entertainment Mounts

Our rear seat entertainment mounts are perfect for keeping rear seat passengers occupied on long journeys. These simple yet effective mounts connect to the headrest of the front seats providing a flat platform suitable for supporting a mobile device or tablet, easily and instantly creating an in-car TV/entertainment system. 

Find out more about our rear seat entertainment headrest mounts.

In-Car DAB Radio Adaptors

Many cars nowadays have auxiliary leads built in, allowing drivers to plug in their phone and listen to music through the vehicles speakers directly from their mobile device. Not all cars have an auxiliary lead however, and those that don’t can use a DAB radio adaptor to achieve the same results. The Pure Highway DAB radio adaptors on our site allow you to listen to DAB/DAB+ radio, as well as pair your own mobile device and stream music directly from your vehicle over Bluetooth.

Find out more about our in-car DAB radio adaptors.

Charging Cables

We have a number of fixed install chargers and removable charger wires available for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you are looking for a plug-in charger for your vehicle’s accessory port or a fixed install charger to fit into your vehicle permanent, we have something for you at Drive Safe & Legal.

Find out more about our in-car chargers.

Order Your Road Safety Products Today

Are you interested in making your driving safer and more convenient with any of the products available at Drive Safe & Legal? Explore all of our products today to find the perfect in-car accessory for you at a competitive price.

Got any questions? Contact us today on 01905 677555 to find the answers to all of your questions.



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