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How A Philips Dash Cam Will Help You


Quite often, people totally ignore the idea of investing in a dash cam for their vehicle because they don’t expect to end up in an incident where they’ll need one. However it’s important to remember that no one is safe from accusations, and without hard evidence you might end up with much more trouble than needed if you’re accused of property damage or dangerous driving.

Why Is It Good To Own A Dash Cam?

Though a dash cam may seem unnecessary to some people, it may be the only thing that can save you from false claims and accusations. For this reason, an in car dash cam can be a very beneficial piece of technology to own.

If you have a dash camera in your car and you are falsely accused of damaging another person’s vehicle or property or driving dangerously, the camera will provide hard evidence proving that the claim was indeed false.

A dash cam is also very useful if you are ever to be involved in a collision on the road. This is because – so long as it’s turned on – It records permanently as you drive, which means any collision you’re involved in will be captured on camera, providing you with evidence as to who was at fault.

A dash cam can help to:
• Reduce Insurance Premiums
• Protect You Against Insurance Fraud
• Protect No-Claims Bonuses
• Speed Up Insurance Claim Processes

Philips Dash Cameras

Drive Safe and Legal is a proud stockist of Philips in car cameras. We provide a selection of different high quality Philips dash cameras and we recommend them to everyone – not because we sell them but because we believe they are the best in car cameras on the market.

The Philips dash cameras available here at Drive Safe and Legal, both the ADR 610 & the ADR 810 are HD dash cameras and boast a range of clever, useful features including collision detection, auto on/off, fatigue index warnings and many more.

To find out all about the Philips in car cameras we have for sale or to order one today, visit our Philips Dash Cameras page. If you’re interested in speaking with a member of staff about our high quality HD dash cameras, call us today on 01905 677 555 or fill out an enquiry form.

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