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Invest In A Fixed Install Charger For Your Car

fixed install

Have you ever wished your car provided you with a way to charge your mobile phone or other portable electronic devices whilst you drive, but your model doesn’t come equipped with anything useful? There’s an affordable and effective solution to your issue – fixed in car phone chargers from Drive Safe & Legal.

What’s A Fixed Install Charger?

Fixed install chargers are in car phone chargers that are hardwired into your vehicle, making them a permanent component in your car. A fixed install charger is fitted into your car which means it doesn’t take up any room in the cabin and – if your car has one – your accessory slot will be kept free, with no need to populate it with a portable plug in phone charger.

Our Fixed Install Phone Chargers

At Drive Safe & Legal, we prove a range of different fixed install phone chargers. All of our fixed install in car phone chargers are designed to be permanently hardwired into the electronics of the vehicle, making them a permanent component of your car.

The fixed install chargers available at Drive Safe & Legal are all equipped with a USB slot that allows you to change the charging lead to anything with a standard USB input. This feature allows you to charge any device at all so long as you have the compatible charging leads. 

Benefits Of Our Fixed Install In Car Phone Chargers

  • Stays out of the way, providing you with more cabin room
  • Frees up your cars accessory socket for different use
  • Extremely affordable, making them accessible for all
  • Long lasting replaceable fuse: low maintenance & easy to repair
  • Reliable and high quality

Order Your In Car Phone Charger Today From Drive Safe & Legal

Are you interested in investing in a phone charger for your car? Browse our selection of fixed install chargers to find the perfect one for you at an unbeatable price! Alternatively, take a look at our entire range of various different in car phone chargers.

Got any questions? Contact us today by filling out an enquiry form, or call us on 01905 677555 to speak with a friendly, helpful member of staff.

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