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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Spring Cleaning 2021

Whether your car is your pride and joy or just something to get you from A to B, Spring is here and as the weather starts to warm, it is a good time to give it a big clean and check everything over 

Here are a few helpful tips to follow...

Checking Your Brakes:
Have a good look at your breaks, for things like dirt and rust, and any issues that might need to be dealt with in order for them to operate properly. Test them and listen for any unusual sounds while taking note of response time.

Inspecting Your Tyres:
As the season changes, it's important to check your tyres or change them if they are seasonal. Different temperatures will affect your tyre pressure and result in a change in fuel economy and steering response. Once you have a reading, consult the owner's manual of your vehicle to compare the readings, and adjust as needed. Rotating your tyres is also a good idea as front tyres wear quicker than rear tyres - so rotating can maximise their lifespan and equalise tread wear.

Checking Your Alignment:
Winter weather can make for more potholes and driving over them can cause problems for your vehicle. You can check if your steering alignment is ok by seeing if your car veers to one side when driving. If so, this can cause extra tension on your tyres so it is a good thing to know and get checked out.

Windscreen Wipers:
It could be time to replace your windscreen wipers if you can't remember the last time they were changed. Most have a shelf life of up to a year but if the weather has been especially bad it could be less and is a good idea to have a look at them. To check the wipers, give your windscreen a wash with the windscreen fluid and see how the wipers deal with the water — if they still work then a thorough clean may be all that is needed.

Give Your Car A Wash:
After the Winter months, it's good to give your vehicle a thorough clean, making sure to wash the undercarriage, as salt, dirt and grime can build up. If left untouched it can lead to rust and other problems so it's good to thoroughly spray and wash under the bumpers, beneath the wheel wells, and any other crevices.

Everything Else:
Be sure to check your battery, spark plugs, hoses, belts, air filter and anything else you haven't already looked at - and as always, check fluid and oil levels too.

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