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Stay Driving Safe In The Summer Time

Summer can be lovely, but as temperatures climb and the sun comes out in full force, drivers can be faced with a few extra challenges. Heat can lead to a number of problems, the glare of the sun can affect vision, and other problems like hay fever can creep through, affecting your ability to drive.

At Drive Safe & Legal we are real enthusiasts of proper road safety, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of things to consider in order to stay driving safe in the summer time. Have a read through and get ready for summer driving!


From their date of manufacture, rubber tyres can begin to age and wear as a result of many different things.  In the summer temperatures can climb, which can have some bad effects upon your tyres. When it gets hotter pressure increases inside of your tyres and if your tyre pressure increases too much, you are at greater risk of having a tyre blowout on the road.

To make sure your tyres are safe for use, check them for any signs of significant wear and replace them if they are unsafe – you don’t want to be driving around on weak tyres with an increased chance of punctures. If your tyres are safe, make sure you have them set to the right PSI for the summer and no more; this keeps them from getting too hard and pressurised, which is what causes blowouts.


Overheating can be a problem for both you and your vehicle. Hot weather can aggravate problems with your cooling system and it affects the performance of your car battery, both of which can cause unwanted breakdowns. Higher temperatures can also cause you to feel flustered and bothered, which can make it difficult to concentrate on driving.

To safely tackle the heat, make sure you have a pair of jump leads throughout the summer in your vehicle in case your battery is to die, and avoid long journeys when you’re feeling hot and bothered to keep yourself and others out of danger.


When you’re driving in bright sunlight you are at risk of being dazzled by glaring light on your windscreen. The best way to stay safe and avoid being affected badly by glare is to make sure your windscreen is clean and clear of any dust or dirt, as this is what the sunlight glares off.

Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good working order, and keep your washers filled up with water & windscreen wash so that you can clear away dirt as it appears and keep windows glare free.

Hay fever

This one doesn’t apply to everybody, but if you do suffer from Hayfever then it’s important to consider this when you’re heading out for a drive. Make sure your windows and air vents are closed to minimise the amount of pollen entering your vehicle, keep your car mats and carpets clean to keep dust to a minimum, and make sure you aren’t taking any hay fever medication that causes drowsiness before you drive.

Hayfever can be extremely distracting if it affects you badly, so it’s wise to avoid driving all together and have someone else take the wheel if you aren’t feeling well enough and focused enough to drive.

Stay Safe On The Roads With Drive Safe & Legal

Driving in the summer can present you with a number of different problems, but if you follow the tips that we’ve given in this article you should be well on your way to staying safe in the summer time.

Contact us on 01905 677555 for help or advice with safe driving, or any of the products we have to offer.

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