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Three Mobile Phone Rules For Safe Driving

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Using a mobile phone behind the wheel is not only illegal; it also puts you and other drivers around you in danger, by significantly slowing down your ability to react to hazards. We have put together three mobile phone rules to follow when driving in order to make sure you drive safe and legal.

Mobile Phone Laws

Laws are updated regularly and small changes come into place that some drivers may not be aware of, so here’s a little recap of the current laws regarding mobile phones while driving:

While behind the wheel with the engine turned on you cannot legally use your handheld mobile phone for any reason, be it following a map, reading a text or checking social media – this rule also applies while stationary in traffic.

The only way that you can legally use your mobile device behind the wheel is when using a hands-free mobile phone holder(e.g for navigation), though you should make sure not to get distracted by your phone when using it this way; as this is both dangerous and illegal.

Three Rules For Mobile Safety

In order to drive safely and legally, we recommend everybody stick to these three rules for mobile safety while behind the wheel.

1-      Respond to any messages, calls or texts before switching on your engine for a journey.

By responding to any notifications you have and letting friends and family know you’re about to drive, you can then put your mobile device down and focus on the journey safely and legally.

2-      Setup your hands-free mobile device route navigation before you drive.

Make sure your navigation system is setup and ready to go before you begin your journey, this way you can focus entirely on the journey at hand without any distractions from your mobile device. You should only use map navigation if you have a hands-free mobile holder.

3-      Configure your mobile devices ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for use when driving.

By activating Do Not Disturb, your mobile device won’t give you distracting notifications every time you receive a message or someone tries to call you. This will help you to refrain from using your mobile behind the wheel.

Some mobile devices offer a ‘Do Not Disturb while driving’ feature that recognises when you might be driving and disables notifications temporarily!

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