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UK Law & Guidance for Suction Mounts

Windscreen Wiper

Most of us use our phones for sat nav these days whether for work or personal use and there are so many different mounts available, and technology evolving faster than legislation, it’s good to know the better option for both safety and avoid a possible fine. 

The UK Highway Code says that windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision. Found under Annex 6. Vehicle maintenance, safety and security under vehicle maintenance.


In order to define what is permissible for your windscreen, the Department for Transport has the provided general guidelines to follow. From the Department for Transport Guidance: View to the front and windscreen obscuration:

Zone A is a vertical area 290mm wide, centred on the steering wheel and contained within the swept area of the windscreen (this area is 350mm wide on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes);

Zone B is the remainder of the swept area of the windscreen

In Zone A, a single damaged area shall be contained within a 10mm diameter circle. A combination of minor damage areas shall not seriously restrict the driver's view. Windscreen stickers, or other obstructions, shall not encroach more than 10mm.

In Zone B, a single damaged area shall be contained within a 40mm diameter circle. Windscreen stickers, or other obstructions, shall not encroach more than 40mm.

Items placed in or stuck to, the windscreen could be stickers, pennants, satellite navigation monitors or decorations.

Original vehicle design features and drivers aids, such as sun visors, are allowed.

Vehicles that do not comply with the above could be construed to be in contravention of the legislation.

Brodit offers a better option to mount your phone or sat nav, with the ProClip mounts that securely snap into your dashboard or console, without risking obstruction to your line of vision when driving. 

The Brodit solution is a 2 part system consists of both the Brodit Holder and ProClip. The Holder can be custom to your device or adjustable to fit your smartphone or sat nav device with or without a case. The ProClip mount is designed specifically for your vehicle model, easily snapping into place without damaging your vehicle. Keeping your device safely out of the way and within sight, so you can focus on driving. 

Step 1

Choose your Brodit Holder for:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • all other devices

Includes a tilt swivel to adjust the angle up to 17° in any direction and swivelling 360° to switch from portrait to landscape mode. Attach onto ProClip Mount.

Step 2

Choose your Brodit ProClip Mount:

The ProClip mount snaps into the gaps in your dashboard interior — no special tools or dismantling of your dashboard. Then, attach your Brodit holder to the mount and you're ready to go! The material is made of high-grade black ABS/Acetal plastic.

Remember to only use a hand-held phone or sat nav if you are safely parked. For more information, please get in touch at

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