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Unmarked Police DAF units improve safety on M6 from a vantage point

HGV Motorway

Over a week in May 2021, Warwickshire Police was loaned one of Highway England's Operation Tramline trucks as part of Operation Vertebrae. Highway England now has three white DAF tractor units in the North, Midlands and the South, where police forces can perform various safety and training operations. The full article is featured in this month's Van User magazine.

The countrywide initiative, Operation Tramline, aims to improve the safety of England's major road network. The DAF tractor units are all equipped with 360 cameras and a handheld camera in the passenger seat, as well as they, are de-restricted, so they can easily pull alongside or pass vehicles or other HGV's to peer inside the cab and see what the driver is up to.

Warwickshire Police worked a section of the M6 using the truck to either side of Corley Services near Junction 3 with a team of plain BMW interceptor cars and motorbikes following behind. Using the unmarked HGV gave the officers a unique vantage point and a better view to see what is going on inside cars, vans and other HGVs and whether drivers handle their phones whilst driving, amongst other distractions.

The officers have said they can quickly tell when a driver is using a phone by how a driver weaves inside or across a lane, and now with the DAF HGV, it will be even more accessible.

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Minimising risk whilst increasing safety, especially with more advanced police operations monitoring the UK's busy motorways, will keep you safe and away from a hefty fine.

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Operation Vertebrae will continue to progress up the M6, involving police in Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and the Central Motorway Police Group.

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