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This week saw the release of the 19 registration plate, with thousands of motorists expected to get themselves a new set of wheels in the next fortnight.

There’s now’t more exciting than picking up a shiny, new vehicle from the forecourt. The spec is spot on, the engine runs like a dream and the interior is customised just for you. To make driving as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, however, you need to accessorise.

Car accessories are huge, globally, their market share expected to grow by a further 6.4% between 2017-2020, and we’re not talking mats, seat covers and air fresheners. 

Technology has dramatically changed how we accessorise our cars and today, smartphones are no longer used purely for easy access to GPS and hands-free calling. 

We want to access Spotify and iTunes, listen to podcasts, be entertained, and we want to do it safely, not have our phones making a nose dive off the front seat with every traffic light. Not mentioning the fact that, today, if you are caught handling a mobile phone while driving, you could face a penalty of six points and a £200 fine. 

There are, traditionally, three main types of in-car phone holder, the windscreen mount, the air vent mount and one that pushes into the CD player.

They all have their pros and cons. The first uses a suction cup for mounting on the windscreen, but is most likely to obstruct your view and leave a circular mark on your windscreen. The second is compact and easy to use, however, it is attached to the vent, which has moving parts and it usually means the phone ends up pointing towards the floor by the end of your journey. Yes, it moves with ease, but when you crank up the heater, the holder can overheat your phone and make it shutdown. A CD mount is, arguably, the least popular, and many new cars do not even have a CD player!

Alternatively, if you are investing in a new reg 19 and are eagerly-anticipating the next generation of smartphone on the market, you can look at flexible, cost effective and sturdy phone holders that are two-part solutions customised to both the vehicle and device. 

Brodit phone holders, for example, are a simple, but brilliant, smartphone docking concept, manufactured for the majority of mobile devices, including the latest Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, plus Brodit adjustable holders to fit a device with a protective case.


How they work

The first part is a vehicle mount called the ProClip, which clips tightly into the seams of your dashboard for a secure hold and built-in-look. No disassembly of the dash or drilling is required so installation is a doddle and easy for anyone to do in minutes. To maximise accessibility and functionality, it offers multiple positions for most vehicles.

The Brodit ProClip is vehicle specific and to see the options available for your vehicle use the ProClip search here.

The second part of the solution is the Brodit holder. Grooves in the sidewalls provide a secure hold, yet allow easy docking and removal, all while keeping a low profile. Thanks to the holder’s tilt-swivel, you can rotate and angle your device as desired. Other features such as built-in charging and locking options are also available. 

You can choose from a Brodit passive holder for a non-charging solution or Brodit active holder to have charging built in. The tilt swivel on the back of a Brodit holder will allow the holder to be adjusted 20° in every direction to point towards the driver and away from glare. 

To search for a holder for your device use the Brodit holder search here.

Remember, if you are investing in a brand new car, let alone a new smartphone, it’s worth spending that few extra pounds to get an in-car mobile mounting system that is sturdy and secure, not flimsy, and is the absolute perfect fit for both your car and phone.

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