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Why Choose Brodit Phone Holders?

With smartphones proliferating the market and becoming the must have technology of the moment, in-car mobile phone holders have also become increasingly popular. These holders range from the shoddy and useless to resilient and practical, but undoubtedly, the Brodit Proclip and Brodit Holders are the best of the best. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase one for your car today.

Sturdy, Reliable & Vehicle Specific 

Each Brodit Holder is designed specifically to a certain vehicle.  This means that the mount will fit perfectly and securely onto your dashboard, and once it has been installed it will stay secure until you remove it. Smartphones cost a lot of money so it’s best to invest in a holder that won’t fall off after five minutes of driving.

Charging Properties

The Brodit Active holder also charges you phone while placed in your holder. This is great for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle and need to be easily reachable at all times. Also, if you breakdown you will always have your phone to call roadside assistance no matter where you are.

Clever Mounting

The Brodit Proclip Mounts fits directly onto your dashboard, rather than your windscreen like many other types of phone holder. This means that your view while driving is not obstructed in any way, and you won’t be dangerously distracted by your mobile when the vehicle is in motion.

All Brodit devices come with clear and easy to follow instructions for installation, so you can have it ready to go in no time with minimum fuss.

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