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Wireless Charging Phone Holders from Brodit

Wireless Brodit


Wireless charging has grown enormously with the rising adoption of wireless technology in consumer electronics; an increase in sales of electric vehicles and the ability to charge multiple devices. 

Brodit has designed and manufactured custom wireless charging phone holders with fast-charging Qi-wireless technology.

The holder is Qi 15W EPP certified and will charge up to 15W (dependent on your device) and includes a blue LED status indicator that lights up when your device is successfully docked and charging. 

Manufactured in Sweden using high-grade acetal material, the Brodit wireless charging holder is designed and guaranteed to withstand hard daily use and environmental changes.

Keeping a wireless charging holder in your vehicle will not only provide a safe place to keep your phone for safe hands-free use but also your battery topped up and ready for when you need it! 

The holder also has a built-in tilt swivel that lets you angle up to 17° in any direction and a 360° rotation to switch from portrait to landscape mode. 


Designed for use without a skin or case:

  • Apple iPhone XR 

  • Apple iPhone 11

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro 

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini

  • Apple iPhone 12 |12 Pro

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Samsung Galaxy S10  

  • Samsung Galaxy S20

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 

  • Samsung S21 and S21 Plus (COMING SOON)

Product details:

  • Qi 15W EPP certified 

  • 5 |7.5|10|15 wireless charging (device dependent) 

  • LED status indicator 

  • 12 / 24V operation 

  • High-grade acetal material 

  • Tilt and swivel 17° in any direction

  • Cig-plug or fixed install power 

  • Landscape/portrait mode 

  • AMPS standard mounting holes 

  • Manufactured in Sweden 

Compatible with Brodit ProClip dashboard and console mounts, much safer than a windscreen or air vent car phone mount, the Brodit ProClip mount snaps into the seams in your car dashboard for the most secure hold without causing damage.

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