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Holder with external antenna connection for Apple iPhone 4

Active holder for fixed installation, with tilt swivel. For devices WITH skin. Built-in inductive antenna (FME-male). Multiband glass mount antenna (2,5 m cable) and MultiMoveClip included.

For Apple iPhone 4 in all countries. (Item # 549402)

£149.99 inc. VAT

Special order item, lead time from manufacturer is 7-10 working days.

Brodit's holder with external antenna connection provides a considerably better and more reliable mobile coverage. Works both in rural as in urban areas, in vehicles and in buildings.

Attach an external antenna onto your vehicle or in your window and connect it to the antenna cable attached to the holder. The external antenna will pick up on even the faintest signal, too weak to be recognized by your device. The signal is then transmitted wirelessly to your device via the built-in inductive antenna. It can take a while for your device to find the signal after placing it in the holder (maximum 1 minute). The holder also charges your device, it comes with a straight cable for fixed installation. This gives a neat installation without cables hanging over the interior. Professional installation recommended.

The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel and is to be mounted into a MultiMoveClip which you attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform for a safe, convenient in your vehicle. Also perfect for use in boats and summer houses. The holder is developed and produced in Sweden. Made of black Acetal plastic. Pattern protected RCD 00199475 + RCD 002001164. Please see leaflet for more information.

- Fits devices WITH skin (also Apple original Bumper)
- With USB/Cig-cable, 12V
- With external antenna connection (FME-male)
- Multiband glass mount antenna with 2,5 m cable included
(for more info, see item no. 862980)
- Built-in inductive antenna
- Apple aprroved cable
-Tilt swivel, adjustable 15
- Designed and manufactured in Sweden

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For Apple iPhone 4 in all countries.
For Apple iPhone 4S in all countries.

Installation Instructions

Read all instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder. The charger unit is fused internally with 2A automotive re-settable thermal fuse, if installing an external fuse then connect a 2A fuse holder and fuse inline with the Red wire close to the power source. Route the cable from the holder into the dashboard and secure the charger unit in place with the adhesive tape. Ensure the charger unit is securely mounted behind the dashboard in a well ventilated area! If connecting a GPS/Data device to the holder please ensure the charger unit is located within reach of any GPS or charging adapters. Route the power cable from the charger unit to the power source and connect as follows: 1. Connect the White wire to a Negative Ground connection of the vehicle or the vehicle chassis. 2. Connect the Red wire to a 12/24V power supply controlled by the ignition switch of the vehicle. Attaching the holder: 1. Place the MultiMoveClip onto the desired position. Screw the MultiMoveClip into place with the enclosed screws. 2. To place the holder: Slide the holder straight downward onto the MultiMoveClip so you hear/feel it snaps into place. To remove the holder: Press the latch on the MultiMoveClip and press the holder upward and out of the MultiMoveClip. 3. To place the device in the holder: Place the upper part of the device in the upper part of the holder and press it upward, sliding the top part of the holder upward. Press the lower part of the device forward into the holder. When the device is straight over the connector; move the device downward into the connector. To remove the device: Press the device straight upward sliding the top part of the holder upward. When the device is set free from the connector, pull the lower part of the device toward you and slide the device out of the holder. 4. The holder is in place.

Holder with external antenna connection Holder with external antenna connection Holder with external antenna connection Holder with external antenna connection