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ProAdapt for VDO Dayton MM 5500 (7")

Mounting plate with Tilt Swivel, centered. Low

For VDO Dayton MM 5500 (7") in all countries. (Item # 213261)

Brodit special order product, please contact us for details.

Smaller, lower face plate. The choice for an adjustable monitor angle. Fits VDO Dayton 5000, MM 5500. Install onto ProClip.

Also Suitable for:
For VDO Dayton 5000 in all countries.
For VDO Dayton MM 5500 (7") in all countries.

Installation Instructions

ProAdapt is designed to be mounted with the ProClip mounting platform.

1. Remove the screw so you get two parts, one ProAdapt face plate and one attaching part (the smallest part).

2. Screw the attaching part onto the ProClip by using the enclosed screws.

3. Place the face plate onto the attaching part so the holes in the tilt swivel fit. Screw the face plate onto the attaching part. Note that the face plate will be harder/looser to tilt and swivel depending on how tight you screw on the screw.

4. The screen mount is in place. Place the screen onto the screen mount by sliding it downwards from above onto the wedge in the center of the face plate.

ProAdapt ProAdapt ProAdapt ProAdapt