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Tough Sleeve for Zebra ET51 10.1

Wall mount. With Vesa 75mm and with ų 4 mm AMPS-holes.

For Zebra ET51 10.1 in all countries. (Item # 216181)

Brodit special order product, please contact us for details.

This holder is to be used when you want to secure your tablet and still have it easy accessable. The holder is also perfect for use in stores, at exhibitions and any place where you want to use your tablet without having it easy removable. The holder is made of extra strong plastic and is equipped with a lock. In order to remove the tablet from the holder you need the key, two keys are included.

Also Suitable for:
For Zebra ET50 10.1 in all countries.
For Zebra ET51 10.1 in all countries.

Installation Instructions

Please read all of the instructions and  look at the pictures before attaching the holder.
1. Place the holder onto the desired position and screw into place with the enclosed screws.
2. Carefully connect the charging connector to the device. NOTE: It is very important to hold the connector straight in front of the device and connect it straight into the device (if you angle the connector/place it askew into the device, you risk to damage the connector/device). Place the device onto the backpart of the sleeve. Pull the cable down into the groove. Place the frame over the unit, push the frame into place.
3. To lock: Press the lock button. To unlock: Unlock with key.
4. The mount is in place.

Tough Sleeve Tough Sleeve Tough Sleeve Tough Sleeve