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Philips EcoPro40 LED Work Light

Philips EcoPro 40 LED Work Light

Ref: RC420B1

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Powerful bright light, non-slip grip, lightweight and versatile, Philips EcoPro40 is an excellent cordless work lamp for everyday use. Also fitted with a handy spotlight, it helps you see even in those narrow dark corners. 

Whether you're in your garage, completing some DIY or trying to fix an appliance, it's always handy to have a small lamp around. Philips EcoPro40 delivers a main powerful light beam of 300 lumen (3 W) to help you to see the details you need to get the task completed.

Spotlight (100 lumen / 1 W) to light up narrow areas

Philips EcoPro40 also comes fitted with a handy spotlight to illuminate those hard-to-see areas. This strong spotlight on the top of the lamp delivers 100 lumen (1 W), so you can see small details even in those dark corners.

3 magnets for convenient hands-free lighting

More often than not, you need both hands when you're working on a task. Philips EcoPro40 comes with 3 in-built magnets so you can easily mount the lamp on any nearby metal surface, such us under a sink or the bonnet of a car.

Two retractable hooks for convenient hands-free lighting

When you need both hands free to work, simply hook the EcoPro40 nearby with its two in-built 360° retractable hooks.

Rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours per charge

Once fully charged, your Philips EcoPro40 delivers bright white light from its main beam for up to 3 hours. If you use the spotlight, the battery will last up to 8 hours of continuous use. So with occasional use, the lamp can last days before requiring a recharge.

Robust housing and shock resistant

Even the most careful person occasionally drops things. That's why the Philips EcoPro40 is designed with a robust housing, meaning it will survive the occasional drop to the floor.

Technical Specifications