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Universal Holders

High quality adjustable holders that can be attached to a Brodit ProClip. These are the choice for when a dedicated holder is not available. Herbert Richter holders are spring loaded and adjust with ease, Brodit holders require a screwdriver to set to the correct width.

Herbert Richter Herbert Richter

Herbert Richter universal holders are spring loaded and can be adjusted with ease, ideal for when two different phones are used in a vehicle. Purchase the holder with a HR tilt swivel to enable you to attach to a Brodit ProClip.

Brodit Universal Brodit Universal

Brodit universal holders are equipped with a tilt swivel and are adjusted with a screwdriver. Once fixed in position your device will remain secure. Be sure to choose the correct holder depending on the size of your device either in or out of a protective case.

Panavise Suction Mounts Panavise Mounts

Commercial strength suction and pedestal mounts that will attach securely to any flat surface. By choosing a mount with an AMPS plate these will also be compatible with a Brodit Holder - small nuts and bolts would be required and available separately.