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A Passive or Active Holder makes it much easier to use your device in your vehicle. Keep your phone in a Brodit Holder, and you will always have it in easy reach for safety and convenience!

Brodit Ensures Freshly Charged Batteries

Once inserted into a Brodit Holder, your device will charge, preparing for whatever the day throws at you. The Holder is the ideal choice for those who frequently use their mobile phones, and its tilt swivel means the Holder can be adjusted on the go, avoiding annoying reflections on the display.

If you have an Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, or Huawei: Brodit's Holders will slot in simply as they work to fit a range of devices. Attach the Holder to one of our ProClip mounting platforms, and you will have your mobile phone in an easy to reach, safe, and convenient place.

A Wide Range of Brodit Products 

Brodit's Holders also work to secure in-car TV mounts, Apple MagSafe Chargers and various Satellite Navigation devices within your vehicle; whenever a new model appears on the market, Brodit will have a customized Holder ready and waiting.

Safer Driving

Avoid any risks and dangers with Brodit's unique system that keeps your phone in an easy to reach position whilst enabling a safer driving environment.

Higher Quality

Brodit Holders are easy to remove when needed and require no hassle to secure the device within each Holder. They provide a perfect, firm fit and a sturdy installation to ensure your device is within reach.

Brodit Passive Holders

Brodit's Passive Holders are available for most mobile phone models, including - but not limited to - Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei. Each Holder utilises a swivel mount on its reverse side, allowing the user to position said Holder in any orientation they require, giving them peace of mind to focus on the road.

Qi Wireless Active Holder  

Brodit offers Active Holders that work to charge your devices via wireless Qi technology. Its discreet design works to keep the driver safe from the distraction of cables clogging their dashboard. It is Qi-Certified and offers up to 15W of wireless charging.

Brodit Active Charging Holders

The Active Charging Holders will ensure your device keeps fully charged throughout your travels. Each Brodit Active Charging Holder connects to your vehicle's cigarette lighter - or 12v auxiliary power outlet - charging your device once inserted into the Holder. It also comes available with a 2A thermal fuse for a fixed and neat installation.

A professional installation is strongly advisable.


Brodit Proclip Video


A Brodit ProClip is a device mounting bracket that installs Holders, Mounting Adapters and other accessories. Keep your devices attached to the dashboard securely and conveniently - always in sight and reach!

Improved Quality That Saves You Time

Brodit's ProClip mounting platform has been produced and developed by Brodit AB since 1983, ensuring easy installation with no tools required. Detailed instructions - with images - come with every ProClip as it works hard to save you time.

A Wider Range Ensures Safer Driving

The Brodit ProClips is available for most vehicles; whether you have a car, truck, or HGV, there will be a ProClip ready to fit your vehicle. When attached to the ProClip, your device stays within reach, limiting driver distractions and enabling a safer driving environment.

Does Not Damage the Interior

During the installation of the Brodit ProClip, the interior of your vehicle will stay unscathed and out of harm's way. No holes are drilled, and no dashboards are dismantled, keeping your vehicle safe.

Apple MagSafe Charging Mount

Easily attach your iPhone for fast, wireless charging when you are on the go by quickly snapping your Apple MagSafe Charger (not included) into the Brodit ProClip MagSafe Mount. When paired with a Brodit ProClip vehicle mount, the iPhone Holder for MagSafe Charger provides one of the sturdiest and best MagSafe iPhone mounts for your car, van or truck.

Many Alternatives For Any Position

Each ProClip has a firm fit, suiting various positions on the dashboard or console; giving you options for positioning and different installations within your vehicle.

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