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It was only just a year ago in September 2021 that the innovative tech company released the last smartphone models - the Apple iPhone 13 series, and now they have a roll out for the latest flagships, Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus.

The debut of the new range of smartphones, alongside updated AirPods and new features for their afformed Apple Watch Series 8, was announced at Apple’s iconic annual September keynote event, which was teased with a “Far Out” tagline on Wednesday 7th September 2022.

It features an impressive camera upgrade with the main camera having a 48 Megapixel Quad Pixel sensor that captures a breath-taking amount of detail in your captured images. The telephoto camera has a 12 Megapixel, and the ultra-wide camera has 12 Megapixel sensors for sharp resolution in every image and video.

The new iPhone 14 also comes with an A16 Bionic Chip, allowing it to become the fastest chip in a smartphone. This is fuelled by nearly 16 billion transistors for speed and efficiency – allowing you to move at speed lighting with shorter loading times.

Apple iPhone differentiates itself from its competitors and adds innovative display technology to its new feature concoction. The new and inventive display island will allow iPhone 14 users to ‘bubble’ their music, facetime calls and notifications up so that they can continue to use their new phone without any interruptions.

In addition to this Apple have included a superior feature that they hope will not be needed – Crash Detection.

The iPhone 14 line-up can instantly detect when you are in a severe car crash, using a high g-force accelerometer for sudden speed shifts. The intensely high dynamic range gyroscope monitors for drastic changes in direction. The barometer inside of the iPhone 14 will detect if there are any other changes in cabin pressure sure as airbag deployment and crash of the crumple zone. Your microphone will pick up and detect any unusually extreme levels of collision.

The most innovative feature is that the iPhone 14 will automatically call emergency services if you are unresponsive to the SOS notification pop-up and will also contact your emergency contacts.

Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have a 6.1-inch screen, whilst the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone Pro Max have an astonishing 6.7-inch screen.

More details on the new Apple iPhone 14 can be found on the Apple website.


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