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We’re all looking forward to the wealth of May bank holidays and what better time to take your caravan out for a couple of nights away but none of us look forward to cleaning the holiday debris from our cars and caravans when we get back home. While we can’t remove the job entirely, we can suggest some products to make the task a bit easier.

Motul Glass Cleaner


The only thing about the sun coming out a bit more is the dreaded sun glare whilst you’re driving. To make sure your vision is as clear as possible, make sure your glass is clean with the Motul Glass Cleaner. It’s cheaper than the £1,000 fine you can get for not ‘maintaining the glass in such condition that it does not obscure the vision of the driver while the vehicle is being driven on the road’, as the Highway Code states.

To make sure you’re admiring the view effectively when you’ve unhitched your ‘van, you can use the glass cleaner to give your caravan windows a bit of a shine.

As you may have double the number of mirrors when you’re towing a caravan, it’s also important to keep them clean to stay vigilant on the road so keep the Motul Glass Cleaner in the car with you.

Motul Insect Remover


After having said there is only one thing annoying about the sun coming out, we’ve thought of another one- insects. There is no doubt that they play an integral part of the ecosystem and without them we’d cease to exist but we’re just not keen on having them smushed all over the front of our cars and caravans.

After their unplanned demise, they leave a sticky residue behind that can be a challenge to remove. It isn’t just your car though as the front of your caravan is a prime target for an insect graveyard. If they’re left for too long, they will damage the paintwork of your car too. That’s why you need the Motul Insect Remover to remove your unfortunate friends that you’ve picked up along the way.

Although it is called an insect remover, the solution has also been designed to tackle birds with extremely precise aim. As you’ve increased the size of your target, you’re bound to pick up a couple of plops along the way. To stop it staining, make sure you give it a spray.

Motul Express Shine


You’ll be focusing on your holiday and you won’t be worrying about how clean your car or caravan is but you’ll curse yourself when you get back for not making the cleaning job easier.

Motul Express Shine has been designed to add a dry film to your vehicle between washes to ensure that dirt sticks to the film rather than sitting on the paintwork. All you have to do is clean your car and caravan before you leave and spray on the Motul Express Shine. That means when you come to wash it again after the holiday, your job will be so much easier.

Motul Odor Neautralizer


When we all pile into our cars with kids, dogs, packed lunches and takeaway coffees we often make memories we are keen to remember but there are some smells left behind we’d be keen to forget.

You can put up air fresheners that smell like fresh linen or a basket of strawberries but sometimes you don’t want your car to smell like that- it’s overpowering.

The Motul Odor Neutralizer does… Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It tackles the toughest of smells, like pet smells and tobacco smoke, from the interior of your vehicle or caravan and leaves behind that pleasant smell for up to 8 days.

Motul Fabric and Upholstery Clean


Following on from the smells, there can also be some holiday related stains. The Motul Fabric & Upholstery Clean removes smells and stains from fabrics within your car and caravan.

If you did drop a bit of your roadtrip latte on the seat then there is no need to worry as all you need to do is spray the aerosol onto the affected area, rub with the brush, wipe and leave it to dry. It’s as simple as that. It isn’t just seats though, you can use it on carpets and rugs too.

Motul Tyre Repair


When you’ve set for your caravanning destination, you want a smooth journey. However, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Even if you maintain your car and caravan to the highest standard you can’t always avoid driving over a sharp stone or a nail. To make sure you get to where you need to go or be able to get yourself somewhere to get the tyre replaced, fill the tyre with the Motul Tyre Repair.

This will seal and reinflate the tyres without dismounting the wheel. Make sure your trip stays on the road.

If you buy all of these products as a bundle, you will qualify for free delivery too!

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