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UK motorists could be using self-driving cars on motorways by 2025 – which seems to be sooner rather than later when you think about how fast 2022 has gone by. The Department for Transport have suggested that this new scheme will prioritise “safety through new driving laws and create thousands of new job opportunities in the industry”.

What is the end goal?

This innovative plan seems to be slightly surreal and similar to many futuristic films that we have seen growing up. This rollout will spark transport revolution in the UK, with plans to improve road safety and better connect communities in both cities and rural villages.

The autonomous vehicle industry Is predicted to be a £42 billion industry that estimates 38,000 new jobs. The government have confirmed that as of 9th August 2022, research to support the safety of the developments self-driving vehicles and more detailed legislations. Research includes:

  • Performance of the self-driving vehicles.
  • How they perform in poor weather conditions.
  • How they interact with pedestrians.
  • How they interact with other vehicles and road users such as cyclists

How will companies benefit from autonomous vehicles?

Automotive businesses will also benefit from the government’s visions for self-driving vehicles as they will be able to have some help to kick-start commercial self-driving services. This will include grocery delivery services for customers by supermarkets, shuttle pods assisting passengers when navigating through the airport.

The ideas for self-driving vehicles are extending to public transport and passenger travel to reduce road collisions and better connect rural areas around the UK. Giving road users a chance to reduce driver error.

Not only this but it will help revolutionise the way in which drivers with mobility issues travel and live. Creating an inclusive option for the elderly and people that need assistance getting to jobs and medical appointments more efficiently.

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