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It is paramount to service your car if you want to maintain its reliability, performance and to feel safe on the roads for yourself and others around you. Summertime driving conditions differ vastly from those in the winter - the weather clears up as temperatures rise - which means there are a few things you need to check to keep your care safe and reliable. 

Here we have our essential summer car service checklist, allowing you to find everything you need to take a look over!


1) Air Filter

As you clock up miles on your daily travels, the air filter within your vehicle becomes clogged with dust and dirt - and as such - needs to be switched regularly to avoid any problems. Every 12,000 miles, swap the air filter to ensure optimal performance.

2) Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are put under high amounts of stress during the cold winter months, clearing away the snow and ice. As a consequence of this, they can perform much worse when it comes to the summertime. It is best to replace them when they start to falter to maintain visibility on the road.


3) Windscreen Wash

Ensure that your vehicle is topped up with windscreen wash throughout the summer months to combat decreased vision. Dirt and dust build up much quicker in the summer months, as there is no rain or snow to wash your windows regularly. 

4) Oil & Brake Fluid

There’s not much difference between your oil and brake fluid requirements in different seasons, but it’s a staple part of any vehicle service to make sure both are topped up accordingly to maintain your vehicle in the long term.

5) Cooling System

During the summertime, temperatures exponentially rise outside, leaving your vehicle at risk of breaking down if it overheats. You should regularly check the cooling systems to ensure your car stays safe to drive, making sure you and others are not at risk.

6) Air Conditioning

Driving on a hot summer’s day with no air conditioning can be daunting, so this is something you should consider when carrying out your summer vehicle service. If you think there’s something wrong with your air conditioning, then consult a professional it’s much easier than trying to fix something so complicated by yourself!

7) Tyres

Higher temperatures can cause tyre pressures to rise, putting you at a greater risk of a blowout if your tyres become cracked or worn. Once you see signs of damage or a worn-out tread, you should swap your tyres out for some new ones.


As a side-note, if you have winter-specific tyres, you should swap over to some all-season/summer tyres - the tread is much softer on winter tyres and will wear down significantly faster when compared to others.

Lastly, check the recommended pressure for your tyres and have them set at the right PSI for summer for optimal comfort and grip.


Service Your Car For The Summer

Have you carried out your summer vehicle service yet? If not, make sure you take the time to look over your vehicle and check each of the points listed above.

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