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There are many ways you can care for your car’s engine. You can buy high quality fuel and keep to your regular service intervals. But how do you make sure the internal mechanics of your car are clean without taking the fuel system apart?


Fuel additives are an easy way to make sure you’re taking care of your pride and joy without too much fuss or any great difficulty. After all, you’ve only got to screw off the cap and pour it into the fuel tank before you fill up and it will work it’s magic as you burn through the fuel.


‘What does it actually do though?’

Well, as it says in the name; it cleans your car’s fuel system. That means removing contaminants from the combustion chambers; dissolving resins and gums in the carburetor and injector systems as well as removing coke and carbon residues in the cylinders.

You may be thinking,” How do I know if this has actually worked?” And it’s a fair question- we don’t take our pistons out to see how clean they are every night do we?!

All of this cleaning will mean you’ll get better engine performance as well as reduced emissions and fuel consumption. That means you should notice a little less money being spent on fuel and a more even response as you push your foot to the floor (responsibly).

That’s not all though. Not only will it increase the life of your fuel system, it will also mean you’re less likely to run into problems caused by carbon buildup. But let’s put some numbers on that shall we?

When Motul’s System Keep Clean  was tested, it was found to:

  • Reduce inlet valve deposits by 75%- that means your engine will be running efficiently at all speeds.
  • Keep fuel injector flow above 99%- even though the required minimum is 95%.
  • Provide 45% additional cleanup throughout the fuel system by 45% compared to regular fuel.

Making sure your fuel system remains clean won’t just mean you’ll spend less on fuel then, it also means you’ll spend less on costly repairs, such as fuel injector replacements.

One can of System Keep Clean will work for tanks up to 50 litres. All you have to do is pour one can into the fuel tank before you fill up and you’re ready to go.



If you own a vehicle with a diesel engine, you will have heard the term DPF and you may have been unfortunate enough to run into a DPF related problem.

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) works by trapping exhaust soot that would be released by the exhaust. That means your emissions will be lower. However, every now and again they need to be emptied or cleaned to regenerate the DPF.

Why is it important to regenerate it?

Well, if the DPF is left without regeneration then it may cause your vehicle to enter into the dreaded ‘limp home’ mode. This will limit the speed at which you can drive and turn off non-vital components such as air conditioning.

Fear not though, Motul’s DPF Cleaner is here!

The DPF Cleaner has been formulated to lower the temperature at which the DPF needs to regenerate by around 40%. This gives the DPF a helping hand to remove the buildup which could cause damage to your engine and fuel system.

A DPF replacement can be as much as £2,000 so maintaining and performing preventative maintenance on your diesel vehicle could save you money.

The DPF Cleaner will help to:

  • Increase diesel engine performance.
  • Reduce Exhaust Emissions.
  • Support the efficiency of your DPF.
  • Reduce soot formation in future.

All you have to do is pour the DPF Cleaner into your fuel tank before you fill up with diesel. One can will work for up to 40 litres of diesel and for best results this should be repeated every 3000 miles.

‘Where Can I Buy them?’

Both System Keep Clean Petrol and DPF Cleaner Diesel are available on the Drive Safe and Legal website with 10% off on your first order and free delivery on orders over £50 in the UK.

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