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Drive Safe and Legal offers a range of dash cameras from global mapping and navigation specialists Navitel. Specialising in navigation software and mapping, Navitel is a leader in the navigation industry across Europe (complete coverage, including CIS countries), the Americas (Brazil, Mexico; Argentina; Peru; Chile; Venezuela and more) and Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkey; Azerbaijan; the Philippines; the Maldives and more).


Navitel R2 Front-Facing Dash Cam

A reliable assistant on the road at any time, its 140° wide-angle lens captures video in Full-HD 1080p at 30 fps allowing for a high-quality recording of the road ahead, including neighbouring lanes.


Navitel R3 Front-Facing Dash Cam

It offers you a high level of comfort and safety with its built-in GPS module to capture your location and view your speed. The R3 captures video in Full-HD 1080p, and thanks to its GC2053 (night vision) matrix, glass optics and wide viewing lens of 140°, you get an excellent recording of everything happening on the road. 


Navitel RC2/R250 Front and Rear-Facing Dash Cam

The modern and compact dash cam has a built-in screen, Full-HD 1080p resolution, an additional 720p rear-view camera, with a 140° angle front-facing camera; you will have a complete record of events on the road.


Navitel R5 Front-Facing Dash Cam

A modern Full-HD Dash Cam with a broad 170° angle view, improved sensor, GPS module and a digital speedometer function. Includes a SONY 307 (night vision) sensor and four glass lenses that provide the highest quality recording of everything on the road.


Navitel R6 Front-Facing Dash Cam

With its Quad-HD resolution that records at 1440p and a 170° viewing angle, you get a clearer view of what's happening around you. The Omnivision (night vision) sensor and 4-layered glass lens maintain this high-quality picture even in low light. In addition, parking mode can detect vibrations and start recording even when the car is parked, the driver is absent, and the device is off.


Navitel R9 Front and Rear-Facing Dash Cam

The universal dash cam comes with 1080p Full-HD recording, an additional rear-facing 780p resolution camera and a built-in GPS module. The front camera contains a SONY IMX307 (night vision) sensor, a 4-layered glass lens and a wide viewing angle of 170°, which provides a high-quality recording of everything on the road. 


Navitel R10 Front-Facing Dash Cam with Smartphone App Connectivity

This tiny and powerful Full-HD Dash Cam is like no other, with a wide 165° viewing angle, a built-in GPS module for location tracking and speedometer, and a magnetic mount. The R10 captures video in Full-HD at 30fps, and thanks to its 6-layered glass lens, it culminates in a much more detailed picture. 


Navitel MR450 GPS Mirror Dash Cam

This handy device clips over your existing rear-view mirror, coming equipped with two Full-HD cameras that utilise the SONY IMX307 (night vision) matrix and 4-layered glass lenses, maintaining the quality of each image at all hours. Its intuitive design is simple to understand and can be controlled with a swipe of the finger.  


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