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As we begin to plan short weekends away - or more prolonged vacations abroad - solve the problem of passenger boredom on long car journeys with a Brodit headrest mount.

Suitable for most devices, each mount comes with an adjustable holder and MoveClip, allowing passengers to position the device and enjoy safe rear-seat entertainment. 

Each mount fastens onto headrests with a minimum inner size of 95mm and a maximum outer size of 211mm between the bars. Working to fit devices with or without a case - providing they don't exceed a maximum thickness of 25mm - and available in varying sizes, depending on the devices you wish to secure.


Ensure you find the parameters to suit your device by consulting the list below:

  1. The small-sized holder is perfect for devices between 120-155mm in height: such as an Apple iPad Mini or Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite.
  2. The medium-sized holder is suitable for devices between 140-195mm in height: like an Amazon Fire HD 10, Apple iPad or iPad Air.
  3. The large-sized holder fits devices between 180-230mm in height: like an Apple iPad Pro.

All three mounts utilise added cushioned protection, safeguarding your headrest from unwanted marks or scratches. Whilst tilt-swivel works to expand its range of motion, letting each device tilt up to 17° and swivel up to 360°, avoiding glare and allowing a seamless transition between portrait and landscape mode to maximise viewing pleasure.

These headrest mounts are an easy and discreet way to ensure your passengers stay entertained on long car journeys, giving you peace of mind to focus on the travel ahead.

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