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You may already be thinking that this won’t be a very exciting read because it’s about safety glass. However, it’s quite an important addition to car safety.

Let’s look at what would happen if we didn’t have safety glass. Basically, large knife-like shards would fly in the direction of the accident. Like a hailstorm of arrows. Henry Ford experienced this and, along with a few friends, was injured.

Two worlds that you may think are entirely opposite: art and safety features. Most would agree but Edouard Benedictus wouldn’t. The French Artist and Chemist was the inventor of safety glass in 1903 and created a patent for it in 1909.

Ford decided his new mass-produced cars needed this laminated glass to stop the medieval warfare that could potentially occur in the event of a bump.

Like many things, once Henry Ford started doing it- so did everyone else. Most car manufacturers followed suit to keep passengers and pedestrians from being impaled.

It isn’t just the safety from impaling though, laminated glass has another feature too- it blocks around 99% of ultraviolet light so it keeps your skin safe from the sun.

As the glass in your car is looking after you, why don’t you look after it? Keeping your windscreen clean will reduce glare and allow you to see potential hazards clearly. This will help you on both sunny days and dark nights.


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