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When you’re picking the right van for you, it can be a Goldilocks situation. You wouldn’t use a IVECO Daily to transport flowers and you wouldn’t use a Fiat Fiorino to move house.

Thankfully there a few vans to choose from in the small van segment thanks to the newly formed Stellantis Group. Stellantis formed as a merger between a long list of manufacturers such as Vauxhall, Peugeot and Citroen.

The group have taken the blueprint for the ever-popular Citroen Berlingo and rebadged it throughout the range, giving us the: Peugeot Partner, Fiat Doblo, Toyota Proace and Vauxhall Combo in addition to the Citroen.

There are also excellent electric versions of these vans which all have a range of over 200 miles.

As these vans are very often used for parcel deliveries, they need to be effective in delivering the correct uses for the driver.

Back to Stellantis then. As all of these vehicles are very similar, the Brodit ProClip will fit all of these vehicles as shown in the fitting video.

The Brodit ProClip and device holding solution gives the driver a sturdy and safe place to secure tablets and mobile computers for tracking and signing. This two-part solution has been designed to slot into the dashboard so that the windscreen is clear of obstruction and the driver can clearly see instructions on the device.

Brodit ProClip and device holders are already fitted to many parcel delivery vehicles as well as a wide range of emergency service vehicles too thanks to the sturdy design.

You can choose the ProClip for your vehicle and the mount for your device using the smart search tool.

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