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The Clocks have officially gone back and with November at our feet, it officially feels like winter is coming!

The best way to stay prepared is by keeping your motor vehicle safe and prepped for the cold season. Below you can find Drive Safe and Legal 4 Tip’s to keeping your car in top shape and ready for spring!

  1. Get a Winter Car Service

Getting a car service is important, but during Winter the roads are wetter, may be icier and slipperier than usual. We all know that the UK can offer some brutal weather in the colder months, checking your tyres, battery, coolant and antifreeze, windscreen wipers, lights and oil can really set you up for keeping yourself and other road users safe.

  1. Thoroughly prepare yourself for long journeys

 Winter usually equals longer trips due to Christmas and the celebration of the New Year. If you are visiting family and friends who are dotted all over the UK, then it is best to:

  • Check the weather beforehand
  • Safest travel routes
  • Allow extra time to travel so you are not rushing
  • Keep some De-Icer and an ice scraper in your car
  • Check your tyre pressure and tread
  1. Keep fuel consumption in mind

Now more than ever, motorists have become conscious about how they affect the planet. Not only this but safe driving will ensure that you are not skidding or losing control of your vehicle.

  • Drive at a safe speed
  • Brake gently
  • Steer gently
  1. Keep a winter emergency kit in your vehicle

 We have already established that the winter months call for more caution when driving on the roads. But you need to be prepared if you do experience a breakdown:

  • Keep extra mobile phone chargers
  • Hi-Vis vests
  • First aid kits
  • Tow rope
  • Jump cables
  • A Torch
  • De-Icer and Scraper
  • An extra pair of warm clothes


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