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With the Summer holidays approaching a bittersweet end and Colleges and Universities soon to open their doors to keen teenagers. Although it may not apply to everyone, many people begin learning to drive between these two seasons of their lives. We thought it would be a great help to give you or a family member some must-know tips for new drivers.

‘P’ Plates bring peace of mind:

The most important tip we could give you is to apply your ‘P’ plates to the front and rear of your vehicle. This is a great way to alert other drivers that you are inexperienced and may need more time to approach and drive off at junctions and traffic signs.

Being nervous about being a first-time driver is something that everyone has had to go through. Hopefully by applying a ‘P’ to indicate that you are a new driver will make fellow road users courteous and more patient.

Learn your new vehicle:

No matter the brand or year of car that you have chosen for your first car, it is always important to learn your vehicle. Pay attention to where the controls in your vehicle are so that you are able to indicate your direction, use your swipers when driving in bad weather and adjust the temperature in your vehicle by using the AC or window controls.

Additionally, it is important to know what fuel type your vehicle uses and which side of your car the fuel cap is located in. This way you are able to feel confident when fuelling up for the first time.

Drive as economically as possible:

Once you learn how to drive it is easy to get caught up in the moment and excitement - especially if you are a young, inexperienced driver. Don’t drive unless you really have to make that trip, this will save you a lot of fuel money and will also decrease the amount of pollution.

Along with this, you should also drive in the correct gear, if you feel that your revs are sounding higher than normal than you probably need to change to higher gear that will feel and sound more comfortable.

Perfect your driving:

Driving with your instructor is completely different to driving alone, you will be told of the mistakes you’re making. However, when you are driving alone it is always a great idea to perfect any areas of driving that you are struggling with. As they say practice makes perfect!

We hope that these tips are helpful and aid you to become the driver you have always wanted to be.

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