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Brodit Holder Search

Brodit holders are device specific and you should use the Brodit holder search located above to select your handset make and model.  This will then show you the options that are available.

Should your handset not be listed then it could be that the handset is new, and one has not yet been developed or Brodit have not manufactured a dedicated holder for your device.  If no device specific holder is available you could consider one of the universal adjustable Brodit holders which can be found here

Brodit adjustable holders can also be used when the phone has a skin or protective case.

Passive Holder with tilt swivel

A Brodit passive holder will keep your device secure when attached to a Brodit ProClip which are vehicle specific and sold separately.  You will still be able to use your own charging cable when your handset is in a Brodit passive holder.  Brodit passive holders are a very true fit and will only fit a device without a protective case on. If you are using a protective case see Adjustable Passive Holder. On some iPhone Brodit holders you will see the word 'Padded' - this means that a soft flock is applied to the plastic to protect the metal iPhone.  

The Brodit tilt swivel will allow the holder to be moved 15° in any direction to point the device towards the driver.

Active Holder with cig-plug and tilt swivel

A Brodit active holder will keep your device charged when it is attached to the vehicles 12/24v socket.  Please check each individual holder to ensure they are compatible with the voltage of your vehicle. Active cig-plug holders, depending on the device, can be available with a curly cord with fixed cig-plug or a straight wire with a USB cig-plug charger.  Brodit also have adjustable active holders for iPhone which can be viewed by choosing your device model here.  For other devices with a Micro USB or Type C USB see Adjustable Active Holder.

Click here to choose your Brodit holder for your device