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Active holder with cig-plug for Zebra TC52

With tilt swivel. 3-point holder for a more secure hold. Fits device with Zebra Original Rugged Boot.

For Zebra TC52 in all countries. (Item # 512959)

£87.99 inc. VAT
(Black Friday Sale - Was £109.99)

Special order item, lead time from manufacturer is 7-10 working days.


The active holder charges your battery when it is in the holder. The charging device connects to the PDA automatically when you put the PDA in the holder. The holder is attached onto a tilt swivel and can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection. Connects to the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, 12/24 Volt. With straight cable. Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform.
Dimensions: 87 x 192 x 78 mm (W x H x D mm)
Weight: 440 g
Cable length (Holder+pigtale 35cm, cabel+Cig 107cm.

Also Suitable for:
For Zebra TC51 in all countries.
For Zebra TC52 in all countries.
For Zebra TC56 in all countries.
For Zebra TC57 in all countries.

Installation Instructions

Please read all of the instructions and  look at the pictures before attaching the holder.
1. Loosen the screw in the center of the holder so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate on the back.
2. Place the attaching plate onto the desired position. Screw the attaching plate into place with the enclosed screws. Place the holder over the attaching plate so the screw fits in the hole in the tilt swivel. Tighten the screw so the holder is firmly in place, but still can be adjusted.
3. To place the device in the holder: Place the bottom part of the device into the holder. Press the top of the device forward and in the same time slide the device downward into place in the holder. To remove the device from the holder: Press the upper part of the holder forward. When the device is set free, lift it upward out of the holder.
4. The holder is in place.

Active holder with cig-plug Active holder with cig-plug Active holder with cig-plug Active holder with cig-plug